May 2022

Launch of West Ranga Management.

West Ranga Property Group are pleased to complement their existing services with the addition of West Ranga Management (WRM).

WRM, jointly headed up by Steven Thomson and Phil Watson, provides end-to-end strategic financial and development advice to clients operating within UK commercial property market.

Typically, our clients already own a building or site, are geographically removed from the project or do not have the relevant in-house expertise.

WRM represent the client by assuming full responsibility for the planning, administration and control of a project from inception through to practical completion and beyond.

Our Development Managers advise on every stage of the development cycle ultimately delivering best value to the client.

Our experience, position in the market and extensive network of advisors and contractors ensure best-in-class, commercially competitive and sustainable property solutions.

WRM’s success to date is quantifiable through tangible cost savings, enhanced investment return metrics and repeat instructions from our investor and occupier clients.

West Ranga Property Group are extremely excited by this supplementary service and the added value it can afford clients looking to maximise their development returns.